Collection: YEG - Edmonton

Picture this - you're globetrotting to your favorite destinations, from the bustling streets of NYC (JFK) to the tranquil beaches of Bali (DPS), or maybe you're off to the City of Love, Paris (CDG), for a little romance. No mater where you travel you always return to your hometown Edmonton (YEG). For YEG is your hometown and Hometown Brands gives you the opportunity to stamp it right on your chest, in a bold IATA codes.

Introducing Hometown Brands, your city, your hometown apparel IATA Code T-shirts - your ticket to style with a passport to the world! These tees feature those three-letter airport code, that without saying a word, conveys your personal pride in your hometown. They're like secret signals to fellow YEG's that instantly connects you with a tribe of fiercely proud Edmontonians.

The YEG IATA code represents your unique journey, you may be, like many of us, a YEG Original. Born and raised in Northern Alberta and proud of it. Our IATA Code apparel let you express your love for your hometown in the coolest and most stylish way possible.

So, order one today, wear it proudly, and let the world know - you're not just dressed for the day, you're dressed with YEG stamped on your chest. Because with an IATA coded YEG T-shirt, the world is your runway, and your journey is your style statement.

Image by halayalex on Freepik